Thursday, December 08, 2005

Eureka!! Another Planet discovered.

Isn't the subject amazing? Yep, I guess. Today, while blogging and reading other planets, a chotasa spark jalaa in my mind..oOOO(Why not we have a planet for evolution?)......

jeee booom baaaaaaa....,

Here it is, however, it is as of now running locally on my laptop, will soon move it to a publicly accessible server.

WOW!! I should really appreciate and thank, Jeff Waugh and Scott James Remnant for the Planet stuff. The setup was so easy that it took hardly 5 mins to get my planetevolution up and running. Great work guys.

More enhancements than bugs, isn't it great?

From the list of around 30 pilot-conduit bugs, today I categorized them in to two broad categories, fix-for-god-sake and fix-for-goodness-sake. There was a third category, ask-nice-to-get-fixed, as a goodies for the hacker contributing to it. Most of the bugs decorated the fix-for-goodness-sake category, as many of fix-for-god-sakes' are gone, phew. :-)

Its really the right time to start supporting the new Palm OS databases which, pilot-link 0.12.x supports, in evolution-conduits. First one is Contacts, with so many requests, with one of them falling in to ask-nice-to-get-fixed category. ;-)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Beagle bite

It feels like void, even after doing lot of coding in evolution & co, till, I get a Beagle bite. May be that Beagle hacking is a real fun. After the memory-optimization work, I took two-bugs filed by our test-hero, David Richards, 323276 and 323312. Though both the bugs are fixed, I haven't checked-in the fix for 323276 as it requires a little debugging-work to be done to get rid of a double free error.

323312 actually brought-up a corner case in the FilterPPT, actually, I would say one of the weirdness of Microsoft's formats. We were reading till EOF of the PPT stream and it was working fine except the document attached with the bug. Some stray bytes were left without reading causing the filter to enter into an infinite-loop.

Guess, will have more beagle-bites this week.

3rd Top in closing most bugs for last week

I was playing around in bugzilla creating more saved-searches for quicker access to bugs and found my name listed 3rd for closing most number of bugs in last 7 days on Past week's bug activity link in Gnome bugzilla.

As the link for past-week's-bug-activity keeps changing, here is the list of bugs that I closed, includes evolution-conduits, beagle, connector, gnome-pilot and GAL bugs.

Bug triaging - Part 1

Last week I triaged around 36 bugs in GAL, which is now a retired-component of Evolution. Have to categorize that list of bugs in to fix-for-gods-sake, fix-for-goodness-sake and wont-fix.

Today, triaged around 80 bugs in all including Evolution-conduits, gpilot and Beagle.

Marked around 20 bugs as FIXED/INCOMPLETE/NOTGNOME and 30 bugs to be fixed.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Recurrence - Mind blowing stuff of iCal - 2

Today I committed my recurrence work in evolution-exchange along with other conduit patches. Now, evolution-conduits can sync against exchange and groupwise (needs testing) accounts.

Following links will take you to those committed changes:
1) Calendar conduit
2) Todo conduit
3) Addressbook conduit
4) Recurrence fix in evolution-exchange

Now, that Eureka thing. Yes, the bug was in exchange-calendar code that reads events from the server. According to MSDN, events have some specific property that has values from 0 - 4, which represents events with master object, without master object, detached instances etc. Evolution-exchange was always querying for events with codes 0 and 1, which made the message not to appear in evolution as it didn't even fetch. Chen fixed this thing today.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Recurrence - Mind blowing stuff of iCal

The supplemental patch had a new FIXME to support syncing of instances of a calendar event. In simpleton, recurrences. Recurrence in Evolution has always been a nightmare and especially w.r.t individual backends its more than a nightmare. Chen had made quite good contributions for recurrence in evolution-data-server and some of the other backends. My synchronization stuff cannot be close to complete, if I don't have support for syncing the instances of a recurrence. Today, with a determined mind, was looking at the other backends for similar implementation and finally, got the code in place.

Testing is what makes us happy to see our code working. Well, it was working except for a specific scenario in which we have only (a) instance(s) without any corresponding master object. Hugh... I was tired finding out the roots of the cause and finally got to a point where I could say, "Eureka!! I found the reason". Well, thatz it for today and keep watching to know more about that "Eureka" stuff. ;-)